NECKLACES & BRACELETS & ANKLETS – Handmade Beaded $1.45

تعلم تداول الاسهم


__utmpk Handmade in Thailand – Silver sizes and weights may vary slightly

follow NECKLACES & BRACELETS & ANKLETS – Handmade Beaded Silver price per gram are hand made per order you name the bead style and grams weight.

source Enter total grams حساب فوركس تجريبي NECKLACES or BRACELET or ANKLET  Contact US for you detailed style and weight.

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Shapes & Sizes STYLE 1, STYLE 2, STYLE 3, STYLE 4, STYLE 5, STYLE 6, STYLE 7, STYLE 8, STYLE 9, STYLE 10, STYLE 11


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