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Hill Tribe Silver Beads Strand – These handcrafted silver beads are on a strand that is 28 inches (71cm) long.


Silver beads pricing & shipping. We charge you the exact grams and shipping weight cost after we pack and ship your order. All of the handmade silver beads for this order may not be in stock at the time of your order.


We can make any silver jewelry item you like from other silver pieces listed on our website or to your requirements from  a photo and exact dimensions. Minimum order per piece required for non-stock or older not as popular items.

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BS 002, BS 018, BS 016, BS 001, BS 005, BS 006, BS 009, BS 010, BS 003, BS 011, BS 007, BS 008, BS 012, BS 013, BS 017, BS 015, BS 014, BS 004


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