Oriental-Catalog – 98% silver jewelry components, real orchids, Roses, flowers resin coated to preserve natural beauty & handicrafts, orchids, handicrafts, worldwide shipping on orders small or large

98% real Hill Tribe Silver items include – beads, pendants, bracelets, earrings, toggles, rings & bailsWe send updated Word or Adobe files of our latest stock items. SILVER SOLD by the GRAM not PIECE. Email for the latest p/g price.

Gold plating our specialty on our items or send us your item we will gold plate it for you. GOLD PLATING by the GRAM not PIECE. Email for the latest p/g price.


 Silver beads & pendants sold by the gram, not piece. No Minimum order per item unless item is not in stock. Please Contact US for special orders.

Jewelry Real Flowers –  SELLING OUT 50% discount on all flowers & Butterflies in our stock. Now taking orders for 2019 flowers – Please email for updated list.

Jewelry Flowers are Resin- coated flowers for jewelry. Flowers include; orchids, roses, daisies, carnations for jewelry designers to transform into fine jewelry. Please (Contact Us) for up to date flowers in stock. Flowers sell out quickly. 

Handicrafts  Leather

Handcrafts in wood, leather, rope, bronze and more! Exotic leather wallets of Stingray, Ostrich, Crocodile skin, and the famous GI wallet. Any rope animal you like from your email photo. Wood games, puzzles, boxes, chopsticks etc.

……..23k Gold……..

23k Gold is real solid fine 23k gold jewelry from Thailand. Thai gold is better than money in the bank – it can be returned at any time for the daily gold exchange rate! We have a range of 23k gold bracelets, rings and gold chain for necklaces. Contact US for today’s gold price

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